Dr Mohammad Zaman Nazi

Dr Mohammad Zaman Nazi

Associate Professor

PhD (The University of Lahore)
MPhil (AIOU, Islamabad 2006)
LLB (The University of The Punjab, Lahore 1999)
Room # 110, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 444

Dr Muhammad Zaman Nazi has been working at FCCU since 2003. Before joining FCCU, he has worked for 2 years in Punjab Cadet School & college 1992-94; 10 Years in The Punjab School 1994-2003, Lahore;  5 years in Army Edn. Corps.


  • Reconstruction of Human Thoughts for the best service of humanity. (At the completion stage).
  • Islamic Thoughts in the modern perspective- August – 2010
  • Inter-Faith Relations (A case study) – February – 2009.
  • Causes of Downfall of Ummah in the opinions of Muslim thinkers- December – 2008
  • Causes of Downfall of Ummah in the light of Ahadith – July – 2006
  • The Islamic Education – July 2007. 6th  Edition 2014
  • The Islamic Education Key book (Short Answers/Questions & MCQs for Intermediate students).
  • PhD Thesis session 2014-2017 (Violent Activism causes and solution in the light of interfaith Relations) has been evaluated. The defense may conduct any time.