1st FCCU Intermediate Annual Athletics Championship 2019

1st FCCU Intermediate Annual Athletics Championship 2019

The 1st FCCU Intermediate Annual Athletics Championship 2019, started with traditional fervor and enthusiasm on Thursday 21st November 2019. The opening of the Athletics Championship was performed by the Intermediate Vice Rector, Dr Ivan Suneel Samuel. Keeping in line with traditions of the college, the ceremony started with opening declaration by Dr Ivan Suneel. Afterwards, Mr Abdul Muqeet, captain of the college team, took the Olympic Oath on behalf of all the participating athletes. During the Oath all participants raised their right arms up in token thereof, it was followed by the athletics and gymkhana events. The championship reflected the improving Athletics standards of the college. FCCU’s Rector, Dr James A Tebbe was the chief guest at the event and distributed the prizes among the winners.

Mr. Faraz Ahmad was declared the best athlete and march past trophy was won by Kennedy Hall.

The results of the Championship are attached here below:

Position Holders

Event Name First Second Third
Musical Chairs

Ms. Ayma Khalil


Ms. Rabia Noor


Ms. Saba William



100m Race (Faculty) Mr. M. Umar Bhatti (Bio)

Mr. Raheel Shamir


Mr. Shan Nadeem


Tug Of War

(Arts Vs Science Faculty)

Science Arts



4000m Cycle Race Abdullah Aslam Ali Hamza Sheroz
100m Sack Race Samuel Anas Shahzad Nayan
25 Slow Cycling Abdullah Aslam Hadi Saud Sameer
100m Wheelbarrow Race Huzaifa /Abdullah Abdul Nafay/ Daud Saud/ M. Ali
100m Three Legged Race Habib/Shahwaz Attaullah/Kalimullah Haider/Nauman                                                                                                                                          
4 x 100m Relay Faraz/Masoor/Mustafa/Irfan Nafay/Habib/Nouman /Haider Tabish/Hussan/Mazar/Sadam     
100m Mansoor Ahmed Salah ud Din Faraz Ahmed
200m Salah ud Din Faraz Ahmed Abdullah Tanveer
400m Faraz Ahmed Mustafa Khatak Abdul Rehman
800m Faraz Ahmed Mustafa Khalak Malik Faisal
High Jump Abdul Muqeet Abdullah Tanveer Salahud-Din
Long Jump Mirza Taimoor Mansoor Ahmed Abdullah Tanvir
Shot Put Waleed Asghar Ali Haider Daro Khan
Discus Throw Daro Khan Ali Haider       M. Ayaz
Javelin Throw Mirza Taimoor Waleed Asghar Daro Khan
Best Athlete Faraz Ahmad
2nd Best Athlete    Mirza Taimoor
March Past Trophy Kennedy Hall