Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is more than a 150 years old institute of academic excellence. We do take pride in our beautiful campus, but our real pride and joy are our students. Our students are the true embodiment of this institute – thus, it would not be wrong to say that FCCU is spread across the globe and has owned its rightful place in all spheres of life, from running businesses to running the country.

The motto of Forman is “By love serve one another.” We live by this creed every day and strive towards serving with love through our work, may it be cleaning or teaching or administrative work.  We are tirelessly involved in shaping the nation of Pakistan by working with each student and taking him as the building block to fortify the foundation of our country -Pakistan-and the world at large.

The core values of Forman are those principles that have stood the test of time. They are Integrity, Excellence, Respect for the Dignity of each Human Being, Discipline and Accountability, Fairness and Justice, Service, and Community. No, matter how much we evolve, no matter how much the world has witnessed technological advances, these principles will hold true and will help you to have a stronger character, just the way they helped us. These core values are at the core of humanity. They make us human and the world will be a better place because of them. You will very easily glide through the ever-changing world only if you have these changeless core values embedded in your heart

The faculty and staff at Forman are committed to bring out the best in our students. They are passionate about what they do, competent to do their work well, compassionate to deal kindly and have the character to always do the right thing, even when doing the right thing may not be the easiest of the things. Our faculty and staff desire to instill in the students with commitment, passion, competency, compassion, and character so that our students become the agents of change. We wish that whoever crosses roads with our students becomes inspired by them. We wish that whatever they do they excel in it, and wherever they go, they leave that place better than they found it.

Forman Christian College is a perfect representation of all cultures of Pakistan. We appreciate and celebrate the diversity of different cultures. At Forman, we live in harmony with each other. We honor and respect all cultures, creeds and colors, and we welcome anyone and everyone who takes admission and gladly call them ours forever.

We look forward to being a partner with you so that we could bring out the best in you and shape up your destiny by working alongside you, so that you would materialize your true potential. You mean something to us because you are ours, the true Forman Christian College.

I pray that you have a wonderful time here with us.

God Bless

Dr Ivan Suneel
Vice Rector, Intermediate.