Forman Christian College grew from the modest beginnings of the Rang Mahal School, established in 1859 as one of the first modern schools in the Punjab. Five years later, in 1864, a collegiate section was added. This college was later officially named Forman Christian College in 1884 in honor of its founder Dr Charles W Forman, a Presbyterian missionary from the USA. From its inception its mission has been not only to provide a sound education, but also build the moral qualities of its students. This is best exemplified in its motto, “By love, serve one another.” .

Academic excellence and the preparation of leaders who understand the value of service have been the hallmarks of education at the institution since its inception. One of the premier colleges of the subcontinent, FCC has distinguished itself through its remarkable graduates and the achievements of its faculty. It has built a reputation for providing outstanding education with innovation and pioneering work in its curriculum, admission policies, a range of extracurricular activities, and the rigor of its academic programs.

F C College soon emerged as one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the subcontinent. Many Formanites rose to positions of community leadership and became pioneers in politics, literature, science, the civil services, the armed forces, the law and judiciary and business.

In 1972 the Government of Pakistan nationalized several educational institutions, including FC College. After 31 years, on 19 March 2003, FC College was denationalized and returned to the original owners of the property, the Presbyterian Church (USA). In March 2004, FC College was awarded degree-granting authority and it is now a chartered university. In 2005, the college began its new 4-year baccalaureate program, modeled on western higher education standards, which provides a well-rounded education and both breadth and depth of knowledge.

The Board of Directors of FC College now consists of 15 members with the Rector as its Secretary. Together with the management team, they are committed to providing an ideal climate of learning for students, with high regard for excellence of educational standards, moral and social principles, personal concern for students, and the maintenance of campus facilities and its infrastructure.

FC College has embarked on a new phase of its existence, in which it strives to uphold the noble traditions on which it was founded, in order to promote human fellowship that transcends the barriers of creed, caste and ethnicity.