Apply for Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship

Apply for Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship

About Blake Rubin Foundation: 

Blake Rubin remembers how hard it was for her to pay for her education to become the amazing Philly based photographer that she is today. Therefore, as a way to pay it forward to others, she created the $1200 Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship, which is in its second year, to help one student per year lessen their financial burden from school.


Current high school seniors that have been accepted into a university or college

Current university or college students (including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students) who aren’t in their final year of study.


To apply for the $1200 Blake Rubin Foundation Scholarship you must submit an original 500-word essay on the topic below:
“What are your major accomplishments and why do you consider them accomplishments?”

Submission Deadline:

The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2019.

Winner Selection:

A winner will be selected by Blake Rubin in August 2019. Once he has selected a winner they will be contacted and have two weeks to respond before a winner up is selected.

The $1200 scholarship will be awarded to the winner’s school’s financial aid department.

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