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Financial Aid and Merit Scholarship

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Financial Aid Program at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) stems from the belief that student financial aid services should facilitate and foster the successful academic participation of students who are unable to cover up educational expenses. FCCU values diversity and aims to make quality education accessible for meritorious and financially deprived students to become responsible citizens of the nation and the country.

FCCU set aside a significant amount of budget for the scholarships and committed to make education affordable for students and their respective families through its generous funding. Under the academic year 2021-22, FCCU provided scholarships of PKR~241 Million to 1914 students.

Merit Scholarships

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) offers Merit Scholarships to high achievers in the matriculation board examinations. The following are different categories of merit scholarships:

Types of ScholarshipsMinimum
Tuition Fee ScholarshipAdmission Fee
Security Discount

Total Scholarship Benefit

(FSc- Part I)

Top 3 Board Position Holders100%100%Rs. 207,500
Charles W. Forman Merit Scholarship1050+75%50%50%Rs. 162,000
Intermediate Academic Distinction Merit Scholarship1050+50%50%50%Rs. 114,750
Rector’s Intermediate Merit Scholarship1025+40%50%50%Rs. 95,850
Vice Rector’s Intermediate Merit Scholarship1025+30%50%50%  Rs. 76,950


  • Intermediate Merit Scholarships will be offered on an interview basis.
  • The scholarship Selection Interviews will be conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3PM to 4PM during the admission time. The interested candidates can visit the financial aid office to sign up for the interview.
  • Easy Installment plans are available for the remaining fee balance (if any).

Merit scholarship interviews are closed now. 


Need-Based Financial Aid

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) believes that deserving students should not give up their dreams of getting quality education because of financial constraints. The college, therefore, dedicates a significant portion of its budget each year to provide need-based financial aid to its deserving and academically eligible students. The online financial aid application system is used to initiate its rigorous evaluation process to determine the unmet financial need of the family to enable them to get quality education at FCCU. With the persistent increase in the number of applications, we are solely able to consider the most deserving students in unmet financial need. The interested students can apply after the issuance of the college roll number by the admission office. Special considerations will be given to meritorious students from underprivileged families and minority communities.

Important Dates:  

Financial Aid Applications Schedule 2022-2023

 Categories Opening Closing
 First Year Admission 1st Day of Classes For 2 Weeks (from classes begin)

 Existing Students

(First-Time Applicants)

 August 11th, 2022


 August 22th, 2022


Note: Dates are tentative and subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions and changes in policy.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Send email from FCCU email ID to get financial aid form access at
Step 2: Online access (username and password) of the financial aid application will be emailed.
Step 3: After filling out and submitting the online financial aid form, printed copy of online form along with all the required documents should submit on/ before the prescribed deadline in person at financial aid office window #15 or send at the following mailing address through courier:

                                                  Room # 15, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
                                                  Ahmed Saeed Admin Block
                                                  Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
                                                  Ferozepur Road, Lahore
                                                  Phone: 04299231581-88 Ext 331

Please note that Rs.500 (financial aid application processing fee) will be charged under FCC student billing account after issuance of financial aid form.

To be fair with all who apply for financial aid, we encourage to provide required information and documentation for the financial aid evaluation process.

Financial Aid Beneficiaries (Existing Students):

The financial aid applications 2021-2022 are being reviewed based on the previously provided information and students will be informed through official email ID (

Financial Aid Rechecking

Financial Aid applications are either accepted or denied after the evaluation of financial aid form by the financial aid department. Financial Aid office provides an opportunity to the rejected students for review of financial aid application, so that student can submit the additional documents related to the objection/s raised to rectify the reason.

The financial aid application is re-assessed to see if anything has been overlooked and needs to be rectified /considered upon submission of additional supporting evidence. After a thorough analysis of the provided information and documentation, the final decision of the re-evaluation is communicated to the student through email.

Orphan Students (25% Tuition Fee Waiver)

The students with deceased parents who secured 950/1100 in the matric examinations will be granted a special 25% tuition fee waiver. Moreover, students will be eligible to apply for Need-Based financial aid for additional assistance.

Scholarships for Persons with Disability (50% Tuition Fee Waiver)

Students having any disability, approved by the appropriate Government Authority will be eligible to apply for this scholarship benefit. The student will be required to submit all supporting documents and the case will be reviewed by the institute’s constituted committee for approval.

Miscellaneous Scholarship:

There are several other government, non-government and corporate scholarships announced during the academic session. Students can also apply for these scholarships if fulfilling the eligibility criteria as offered by the donor organization. For instance, Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF), Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Scholarship, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) for Board High Achievers, Balochistan Educational Endowment Fund (BEEF) and Zakat Fund etc.

Fine/ Penalty:

All financial aid applicants are required to understand and acknowledge that if any of the information provided in financial aid form is found false or inaccurate or if it is found that there is any intentional concealment of facts then the student would become ineligible for financial aid during entire tenure at FCC and a penalty of Rs.10,000/- would be imposed against tuition fee. Furthermore, financial aid given previously (if any) would also be reversed.

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) reserves the right to use information given in the financial aid form for verification and other purposes as and when required.

Refundable Security Surrender:

The recipient of financial aid award during any of the academic year will not be eligible to claim their refundable security fee as these funds will be adjusted towards financial aid general scholarship pools to help other deserving students.

Student Financial aid office reserves the right to make changes/ adjust/ revoke any provided award at any stage if discovers any information provided in the form was misleading/ incorrect or untrue.

Note: There are limited scholarship opportunities in each of the above given categories and renewable on annual basis subject to prescribed eligibility terms and conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to apply as soon as you are eligible according to details in each group.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 042-99231581-8 Ext: 331


Mailing Address:

Room # 15, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office,

Ahmed Saeed Administration Building,

Forman Christian College, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. 54600


Financial Aid Applications Forms

Financial Aid Online form

Financial Aid Procedure & Documents List

Financial Aid Provisional Assessment Form

Conduct Certificate


FCCU has announced the Flood-2022 Relief Scholarship Initiative for continuing students from flood-affected areas. Over the past several weeks, the Financial Aid team (among others) has received a number of petitions as well as letters of concern from students whose household incomes have suffered due to the catastrophic flooding which affected many parts of Pakistan earlier this year.

In particular, this assistance will help those students who have outstanding fees pending for spring 2022 and earlier periods who have experienced the following situations:

  1. Business/Income Decline/Job loss due to Flood-2022, whether experienced by the student or   a fee-paying parent or guardian
  2. Household damage due to Flood-2022
  3. Extensive health bills faced by immediate family members on account of Flood-2022 and/or its aftermath
  4. Death of earning family members, thereby significantly affecting family income.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received (click here for the form). Once completed and returned to the Forman Financial Aid Office, the application will be reviewed by a committee that includes both academic and non-academic staff and has been charged with reviewing applications and overseeing the process.

Completed forms should be submitted to Room #15 (Ahmed Saeed Administration Building) between 9 AM and 12 AM. Deadlines for form submission are as below:

  • College Students – Friday, January 20, 2023