The Health and Physical Education Department at FCCU along with the teaching of  Health & Physical Education as a subject also provides a range of sports activities to students for the wholesome development of their personality. It focuses on the following areas, which contribute and are indispensable for growth and strength of sports in the FCCU:
  • Sports culture
  • FCCU Sports activities and administration
  • Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Competition opportunities and organization
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Scientific support
FCCU has a very comprehensive sports program. Its sports facilities include an 8-lane standard 400 m grass track and a short course; 25 m swimming pool, 5 tennis courts and playing field for cricket, football, hockey and handball. The Lucas Center has a well-equipped gymnasium, table tennis hall, basketball and badminton courts and offices for sports faculty and staff.
Intramural competitions in the above-mentioned sports take place all year round. Deserving sportsmen are awarded Medals of Distinction, College Colors, and Certificate of Merit.
Learning Objectives are:
  • To demonstrate during play the rules and regulations by which various games/sports are played
  • To demonstrate skills in sports and athletics
  • To apply the techniques and skills needed to pursue positions in both school-based and commercial settings
  • To demonstrate ethical sportsmanship while competing in individual and team sports

Brian Furches

Head Coach

Coach Brian has recently joined FC college as the new Senior Athletic Director. He has been a business professional and skilled baseball coach with over 20 years of experience. He hopes to effectively utilize his acquired expertise and creative talents to provide a commitment to excellence both on and off the field. He desires to […]

Babar Kamil

Associate Professor

PhD Scholar Sports Sciences (University of Lahore)
MPhil Sports Sciences (University of Lahore)
MSc Sports Science (The University of Punjab)
Room # 003, Lucas Center
Ext: 312