FCCU has a rich history of traditions that have produced great leaders and shaped many lives. The qualified faculty members of the Mathematics Department follow the same tradition under the motto of “By Love Serve One Another”. It is our mission to provide quality Mathematics instruction as we believe imparting Mathematical knowledge develops logical and critical thinking in students. Our aim is to produce skilled professionals, ethical mathematics scholars and educated leaders who will be sensitive to the needs of the society in the future.  As a fruit of labor and dedication to imparting quality education, our students have been winning Medals (silver & Bronze) along with other prestigious prizes in an International Math Competition by the name of ‘International Kangaroo Math Contest’ (IKMC) which is recognized all over the globe.
We at Forman Mathematics Department (Intermediate) as a team try to achieve and maintain par excellence and will continue to do so in many years to come.

Julia Austin

Head of Department and Assistant Professor
Assistant Guardian Hope Tower

MPhil (University of Management & Technology, Lahore)
MSc (FCCU, Lahore)
MCS (Cybernetics College, Lahore)
Room # 013, Seemi Tajjamul Building
Ext: 433

Muhammad Iqbal

Associate Professor

MS Software Project Management (NU FAST, Lahore)
MSc Applied Mathematics (Punjab University. Lahore)
Room # 51, Seemi Tajammal
Ext: 436

Dr. Mohsin Raza

Assistant Professor

MPhil (University of Management and Technology, Lahore)
Bs (Hons)Mathematics (Forman Christian College, Lahore)
Room # 51, Seemi Tajammal Building
Ext: 436

Rabia Naz

Assistant Professor

MPhil Mathematics (NCBA&E)
MSc Mathematics (University of the Punjab)
Room # 10, Seemi Tajamul Building
Ext: 484

Sharoon Anjum


MPhil (University of Management and Technology,Lahore)
MSc Mathematics (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
BSc (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
Room # 63 , Seemi Tajamul Building
Ext: 436

Bilal Ahmed

Assistant Professor

MPhil Mathematics (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, FAST Lahore)
BSc (Hons) Mathematics (FCCU, Lahore)
Room # 113, Sinclair Extension
Ext: 747

Sana Akbar


MSc Mathematics (FCCU, Lahore)
BSc (Hons) ( University of Punjab )
Room # 10, Seemi Tajammul Building
Ext: 484