Dr Aneel Samuel

Dr Aneel Samuel

Head of Department and Associate Professor

PhD Urdu (GCU, Lahore)
MPhil Urdu (University of Education, Lahore)
MA Urdu (Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Room # 110, Sinclair Hall
Ext: 491
Office: D126

Over 20 years of teaching experience. Teaching in FC since August 1,2010. Also served in Defense Degree College For Boys,DHA, Lahore and Cathedral School System, Lahore.

Mr Aneel Samuel very keen to learn new pedagogy skills and apply them to his classes. He believes as teachers we can bring social change by inculcating critical thinking in our students that help them not only in achieving good grades but also in becoming good human beings. Innovative and modern methods of teaching make learning more interesting for students and he tries his best to apply them to his classes.


  • PhD Thesis on “عبداللہ حسین کے فکشن میں عصری حسّیتہ (Contemporary Sensibility in Abdullah Hussein’s Fiction)”
  • MPhil Thesis on “اُردو ناول میں پاکستانی معاشرے کی پیشکش  (Presentation of Pakistani Society in Urdu Novel)”
  • Research Article on” افکارِسرسید کی معنویت اور عصرِ حاضر( Meanings of Sir Syed’s Thoughts in Contemporary Era)” published in Mah e Nau ( A Journal of Ministry of Information, Tele Communication and National Heritage
  • Research Article on “ )عبداللہ حسین کا افسانہ –سمندر۔اور عالمی حسّیتAbdullah Hussein’s Short Story-Sumandar- and Global Sensibility(” in ALHAMAD( HEC approved journal)
  • Research Article on “عبداللہ ٓحسین کا افسانہ۔۔ندی۔۔وقت کا استعارہ”(Abdullah Hussain’s Short Story,Nadi, A Metaphor of Time) published in Adbiyat,Abdullah Hussein Nunmber( A Journal of Academy of Letters Pakistan, Government of Pakistan)).