Muhammad Usman Yousaf

Muhammad Usman Yousaf


Muhammad Usman Yousaf
M.Phil Physics (GCU, Lahore)
BS (Hons.) Physics (BZU, Multan)
Room # P-130, Susheela Building
Ext: 420

Muhammad Usman Yousaf is working as lecturer in physics department at FC college. He has been working at FC college since 2021. He is serving as proctor and co-advisor of Forman Physics Society. Mr. Usman has more than 5 years of teaching experience in various government and private institutions of pakistan. His teaching experiences include teaching of F.Sc., B.Sc., BS and M.Sc. classes.

Teaching Experience:

  • Served as lecturer in physics at KIPS preparations.
  • Served as Lecturer in physics at Alnoorian College (Pvt.).
  • Served as CTI-Physics at Government Graduate College Sahiwal.
  • Served as CTI-Physics at Government Islamia College Civil Lines, lahore.
  • Served as Lecturer in physics at CAST PG college, Sahiwal.

Research Experience:

Mr. Usman has research experience in experimental physics. His M.Phil research project was ” Structural and Optical properties of Cu Ion implanted ZnS thin films prepared by DC Magnetron Sputtering System”

Mr. Usman has also worked on final year project in BS on ” Wireless Energy Transfer “