Dr Naila Noreen

Dr Naila Noreen

Associate Professor

PhD (FCCU, Lahore)
BEd (Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad)
MPhil (Government College University, Lahore)
Room # 131, Susheela Building
Ext: 420

Over 15 years of teaching experience as a Coordinator in Aizar School System, Lecturer in Govt. APWA College, Visiting Lecturer in Punjab Institute of Cardiology. 8 years’ experience as a Paper Setter and Paper Assessor in University of Health Sciences, Lahore and as a Sub Examiner in BISE Lahore.

Publications: 8 International publications in reputed journals.

  • Linear Analysis of Bump on Tail Instability with Non-Maxwellian Distribution Function
    N. Noreen, A. Shiekh, S. Zaheer, Prog. Theot. Exp. Phys., (2019)
  • Stability Analysis of Ion Bernstein Mode Instability with Ring Velocity Distribution Function
    N. Noreen, F. Riaz, S. Zaheer, Accepted, Prog. Theot. Exp. Phys., (2019)
  • Electron Contribution in Mirror Instability in Quasi-Linear Regime
    N. Noreen, P. H. Yoon, R. A. Lopez, S. Zaheer, J. Geophys. Res., 122, 024248 (2017)
  • Cyclotron instabilities driven by temperature anisotropy in the Solar wind
    N. Noreen, P. H. Yoon, S. Zaheer, Phys. Plasmas, 24, 102902 (2017)
  • Non-Linear Ion Acoustic waves in Electron Positron Ion Plasmas with Non-Thermal Electrons.
    I.Habumugisha, L. Naziwa, E. Jurua, S. K. Anguma, N. Noreen, J. Modern Phys., 08, 892 (2017)
  • Onset of Linear Instability in a complex Plasma with Cairns distributed Electrons.
    I.Habumugisha, E. Jurua, S.K.Angumal, N. Noreen, Int. J. Astronomy Astrophys., 06, 001 (2016)
  • Stability analysis of the electromagnetic Ordinary mode and Extraordinary mode
    N. Noreen, S. Zaheer, J. Modern Phys, 07, 1120 (2016)
  • Relativistic Bernstein mode instability
    M. F. Bashir, N. Noreen, G. Murtaza, P.H. Yoon, Phys. Plasmas Cont. Fusion, 56, 055009 (2014)