The Department of English Language envisions tasks that involve pedagogy, research, and creativity. We are of the perspective that literary readings and its analytical and linguistic understanding hold a prerogative that is different from those related to other disciplines. Literature influences human minds through representation, reflection, and criticism, evolving finally as a catalyst for human love and peace, a contact-point for diversity.  The department’s mission is to share our interdisciplinary knowledge of humanity for bridging gaps and developing compassion. Educationists in general, and with a cosmopolitan spirit, we engender innovation, adaptation, and effective communication as the key objectives to our classroom methodologies at all levels and instill the spirit of ‘Serving One Another With Love’. Our aim is to promote the institutional and individual growth of our learners for changes that are positive and encourage freedom of expression with a sense of responsibility and mutual respect.

Eram George

Head of Department and Associate Professor

MPhil ELT (Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore)
MA English (University of the Punjab)
PGD in ELT (PU, Lahore)
Room # 102, Susheela Building
Ext: 490
Office : D009

Nauman Ahmad

Assistant Professor

MPhil English Literature (FCCU, Lahore)
BA Hons, Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching (ADELT) (FCCU, Lahore)
Room # 017, Sinclair Hall
Ext: 372
Office: D007

Najmi Altaf

Assistant Professor

MPhil (UCP, Lahore)
Diploma in ELT (FCCU, Lahore)
MA English (Punjab University)
Room # 114, Susheela Building
Office D007

Mahik Waheed

Assistant Professor

MS in English Literature & Language (Lahore College for Women University, Lahore)
BSc (Hons) English Literature & Language (Lahore College for Women University, Lahore)
Room # 114, Susheela Building
Office: D-011

M Mohsin Manzoor

Assistant Professor

MPhil in English Literature (FCCU)
BA (Hons) in English Literature (GCU Lahore)
Room # 103, Sinclair Hall
Ext: 467
Office : D-10

Pheba Philip


Masters in English Literature (Peshawar University)
BA (Government College for Women, Abbottabad)
Room # 026, Susheela Building
Office: D-10

Yousaf Kamran


Ph.D. scholar, Applied Linguistics (Qurtuba University, Peshawar)
MPhil English Applied Linguistics (Qurtuba University, DIKhan)
M.A English Linguistics and Literature (NUML, Islamabad.
Post-Graduate Diploma Course (The City school, University of Strathclyde)
Post Graduate Certificate Course (The City School, Islamabad)
Leadership and Management Programme (The City School, Islamabad)
Room # 112, Susheela Building
Office: D-006

Zeeshan Sardar


MPhil Applied Linguistics(University of Lahore)
MA ELT& Linguistics(University of Lahore)
BA (Eng Literature, Sociology) (University of the Punjab)
Room # 112, Susheela Building
Office: D-006

Urfa John


M.A English Literature (Forman Christian College, Lahore)
Room # 111, Susheela Building
Office D007

Ms Huma Hasan


M.Phil Applied Linguistics (Gold Medal) University of Central Punjab
M.Phil in English Literature, Government College University.
Publications in HEC-recognized journals (4)
Office : D-10

Irshad Masih


M.Phil English(Literature) & Diploma TEFL
Teaching Experience: 13 Years
Room# P-113
Office : D-011