FCCU holds Forman Urdu Conference

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Department of Urdu arranged a one day International Forman Urdu Conference on Wednesday 26 April 2017. It consisted of three sessions. The inaugural session was chaired by the Rector FCCU, Dr James A Tebbe, Vice Rector Intermediate, Dr C J Dubash, Head of Urdu Department, Siddiq Masih and Chief Coordinator Prof Tahir Masood. The Rector and Vice Rector expressed their views in Urdu. Prof Tahir Masood presented his views on the Urdu writings of Dr Charles W Forman the Founder of Forman Christian College. He mentioned that historians of Urdu literature ignore the services of Urdu writings extracted by Dr Charles W Forman for the development of this language.

The first session was chaired by renowned scholar and historian Dr Arfa Sayeda Zehra whereas Dr Muhammad Kamran, Dr Azmat Rubab and Ata Ur Rehman Saman also presented their papers. Dr Najeeba Arif’s paper was presented by Dr Safdar Naeem. The second session was chaired by distinguished scholar and author Dr Tabassum Kashmiri, and Dr Atya Syed, Dr Durmus Bulgur from Turkey, Dr Zia-ul- Hassan.  Dr Durmus shared, that the Turkish Government has approved Urdu as an optional subject in schools. Thirty Colleges and universities around the Province of Punjab represented their institutions at this Conference. At the end, Siddiq Masih the Head of Urdu Department FCCU announced his desire to have quarterly meetings of all Urdu HOD’s and Principals of colleges and universities in which Urdu and Urdu curriculum related issues would be discussed and suggestions and reports would be sent to the Government. He said this initiative will help improve Government policies and development themes for Urdu as a national language. The Inaugural session was led by Shahzad Ansar, the first session was led by Aneel Samuel and the second session was led by Prof Tahir Masood.