Urdu Department holds a Lecture on The Technic of Rubai and Mamun Aiman: An Extension Lecture of TLF

On Thursday 19 May 2016 an extension lecture of TLF (Teaching and Learning Forum), Department of Urdu,  was held in Jacob Lal Din Seminar Room, Ewing Memorial Library. The topic of the lecture was The Technic of Rubai and Mamun Aiman. Educational workshops and sessions are conducted by TLF for the progressive growth of teachers and their professional needs and skills. For this purpose experts were invited to share their experiences. Speaker for the said topic was a renowned Urdu Poet Prof, Mamun Aiman, Best Poet, Best Debater, Best Teacher, Fulbright Fellow, Broadcaster, Critic, Essayist and author of many books. Mr Aiman has also been teaching English at New York City Department of Education, USA. He is well versed in Urdu Rubai and known as “The Father of Rubai”. Many critics and famous personalities of the sub-continent admired his poetic works as well as services in the field of Urdu poetry. Mr Mamun Aiman was the only person who started the Urdu literary activities in North America from 22 August 1964 to organize an Urdu Mushaira. Mr Mamun Aiman was introduced to the audience by Coordinator of TLF, Prof Tahir Masood.

The lecture started by the speaker introducing the historical aspects of Rubai which is considered as the most difficult form of Urdu poetry. He also talked about the basic components of Rubai, which could be very beneficial for the teachers of Urdu literature in their teaching. He also commented that it is important to understand Persian Rubai to better understand Urdu Rubai. This was followed by recitation of Rubaiyat of some famous classical poets. The other half of the lecture was based on the poetry and personality of Mr Mamun Aiman. In the end of his lecture he recited his own poetry which was highly appreciated by the audience. After the question answer session co-coordinator, Prof Hina Patrick presented vote of thanks to the honorable speaker and guests. Head of the Urdu Department, Dr Safdar Naeem presented college souvenir to the speaker and highly appreciated the efforts and hard work of the coordinator of TLF, Prof Tahir Masood and co-coordinator, Prof Hina Patrick. At this occasion Prof Mamun Aiman donated his 10 valuable books to the Ewing Memorial Library of FCC.