Dilawar Javed


MPhil Chemistry (FCCU, Lahore)
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry (GCU, Lahore)
Room# C-20

Dr Ivan Suneel

Vice Rector of Intermediate
Guardian Newton Hall

PhD Clinical Psychology (UMT, Lahore)
MS (GC, Lahore)
MSc (PU, Lahore)
ADCP (PU, Lahore)
Sinclair Hall
Ext: 305

Dr Muhammad Umar Bhatti

Assistant Professor

PhD Molecular Biology (University of the Punjab, Lahore) (in progress)
MPhil (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
BS (Hons) (Forman Christian College, Lahore)
Room # 114, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 473

Danish Daud

Program Assistant

Dr Hamid Saeed

Acting Director

Douglas F David

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ext: 356

Dr Rukhsana Zia

Head of Center for Learning and Teaching

Ext. 325

Daud John


Ext: 345

Daulat Anosh Khokhar

Assistant Payable Accountant

Ext: 326

Dr Hamid Saeed

Professor Emeritus and Registrar Meritorious

Room No 115 Ext: 306

Dr Naila Noreen

Associate Professor

PhD (FCCU, Lahore)
BEd (Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad)
MPhil (Government College University, Lahore)
Room # 131, Susheela Building
Ext: 420

Dr. Mohsin Raza

Assistant Professor

MPhil (University of Management and Technology, Lahore)
Bs (Hons)Mathematics (Forman Christian College, Lahore)
Room # 51, Seemi Tajammal Building
Ext: 436

Dr Shahida Dilawar Shah


PhD (Punjab University, Lahore)
MA Urdu ( Punjab University, Lahore)
Room # 03, Dr Peter J David Building
Ext: 457

Dr Aneel Samuel

Head of Department and Associate Professor

PhD Urdu (GCU, Lahore)
MPhil Urdu (University of Education, Lahore)
MA Urdu (Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Room # 110, Sinclair Hall
Ext: 483

Dr Abida Batool

Associate Professor

PhD Urdu (University of Education, Lahore)
MPhil Urdu (University of Education, Lahore)
Room # 154, Dr Peter J David Building
Ext: 348

Dr Muhammad Sohail Sarwar

Associate Professor

PhD Chemistry (UET, Lahore/Rutgers-USA)
MPhil Chemistry (FCCU, Lahore)
MSc Chemistry (GCU, Lahore)
Room # 19, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 458

Dr James William

Associate Professor

PhD Chemistry (GC University, Lahore)
MPhil Chemistry (GC University, Lahore)
MSc (University of the Punjab, Lahore)
Room # 20, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 466

Dr Fariha Yasmin

Associate Professor

PhD (The Islamia University of Bahawalpur)
MPhil (The Islamia University of Bahawalpur)
Room # 115, Sinclair Extension
Ext: 745

Dr Rubab Zohra


PhD (Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan)
MPhil (Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan)
Room # 003, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 465

Dr Noman Javed


PhD Organic Chemistry (University of the Punjab)
MPhil Organic Chemistry (UET, Lahore)
MSc Chemistry [GOLD MEDAL] (UET, Lahore)
Room # 006, Shirin Javed Building
Ext: 468

Dr Naveed Ahmad

Associate Professor

PU, MPhil, MSc, PGD Chem. Engg. & Tech (PU, Lahore)

Dr Lubna Amer

Head of Department, Professor & Coordinator (Intermediate)

PhD (NCB&E, Lahore)
MSc (GCU, Lahore)
Room # 105, Sinclair Hall
Ext: 333